2006 "Im a Monkeys Uncle" Awards Show

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Category "Best New Argument Against Christianity"
Nominee: Jay Walker-a.k.a. The Discomfitter

Category "Most Photogenic Atheist"
Nominee: The Hill Billy Atheist

Category: "The Best Dressed Atheist"
Nominee: Reggie Finley- For his double breasted, wing tip shirt from Chess King circa 1983

Nominee: Rook Hawkins- For his security guard uniform, fake badge and ID card

"Most Embarrassing Moment"
Nominee: Reggie Finley

"Best Use of Photo Shop by an Atheist"
Nominee: Buckster

"Best Atheist Headquarters"
Nominee: Hill Billy Atheist

"Best Hair on an Atheist"
Nominees: Chris Hallquist and Kelly from RRS

"Best Celebrity Look Alike"
Nominees: Reggie Finley(for Gary Coleman)

and Eddie Tabash (for Eddie Munster)

"Best New Atheist Bumper Sticker"
Nominees: Tony of dd.com
and evolvefish photo unavailable

"Most Consistent Atheist of the Year"
Nominees: Dan Barker and Mark from Ohio

Dan Barker for his cosmic brocolli statment
Mark from Ohio for saying
"The Laws of logic are not binding on Gene's argumentation"

"Jackass of the Year Award"
Nominee: John W. Loftus for the Birdman

"Most Dedicated Atheist Listener of TNM"
Nominee: Master Zap