Another Record Breaking Month for The Narrow Mind!

During the month of December, as of 12/29, The Narrow Mind podcast received 12,858 downloads!

I would like to thank all of our news listeners as well as our regular listeners, (TNM "addicts") for supporting the program through you prayers, comments, emails and donations. I should also thank my wife Grace for manning the control room and helping me every day with the show. (and to think, she works for free!)

I am feeling torn between my excitement over returning to Tanzania for 3 weeks in January and my desire to do the show Monday through Friday every week. I am planning on posting podcast updates to the Blog as often as possible. I will be leaving on 01/08 and returning on 02/01.

As with any business in the world when you start to grow rapidly you experience challenges. This last week our server has been challenged! I have been told by Tony (one of UR' tech gurus) that we need to invest some money in upgrading the server so we can continue to meet the demands without crashing. I will be looking into purchasing a new server when I return form my trip. Until then, I thank you for your patience and the emails that make us aware of any problems.

Be sure and tune in to the Award Ceremony on New Years Day for a good laugh.

"love him or hate him, you're still listening."

~ Gene ~